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    Why E&G?

    20 years experience on helping foreign clients to expand their business in China
    A Construction Company with 5 First Class Licenses
    ‘Tailor Made’ approach for EPC projects
    ‘One-stop solution’ for a full range of facilities
    In-House Design Team consisting of experienced architects, designers and engineers
    Strong understanding of both the Design & Construction process
    Strength in Communication, Coordination, Scheduling and Cost saving
    Deep understanding and wide network in China on government permitting

    What We Do

    Engineering Design

    Providing guidance and support during the life cycle of the construction project with the aim to achieve E&G’s mission of ‘Building Value’


    Project teams delivering a range of projects varying from Chemical facilities; Automotive facilities to Commercial buildings

    Government Permitting

    Providing support services for permitting applications in the eight different phases of the Government Permitting processes for a construction project

    Fit-out & MEP

    Clarify the client’s requirements through workshops and transfer it into concept designs.Review client’s designs provide value engineering.

    BIM & 3D Technology

    Project visualization during the planning stage, and virtual walk-throughs.For area layout review installation routing review; clash detection.
    • Excellent communication between client and contractor is the most important aspect in delivering a quality project, that satifies all client's requirements and expectations.

      Dr.Stephen Fisher

      Senior Vice President

    • Diligence and integrity are your best shields from all risks.

      Cathy Zhang

      Head of Finance Dept.

    • Where there is a will, there is a way.

      Tim Xue

      Vice GM Construction

    • Devote every effort attentively and professionally.

      Emily Fu

      Head of Audit Dept.

    • Everyone is our customer, customer requirements we must meet.

      Jian Kang

      Head of Engineering Dept.

    • Skilled and specialised in design, excel in services, remarkably lies in the quality!

      Heping Yu

      Head of Design Institute

    • Attitude decides everything, details make differences.

      Sunny Lee

      Head of HR Dept.

    • Extraordinary projects are the result of a series of small extraordinary things done together.

      Davide Gamucci

      Regional Director - Southeast

    • There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team!

      Aron Song

      Project Manager

    • If you have a strong belief, even if the growth is slow every day, it will eventually achieve your dream of success!

      Ying Guo

      Commercial Manager

    Our Strength

    Core Employees

    Recent News



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    Thanks to GLP for awarding E&G as "Best Quality Partner"...

    Long term relationships are mostly built on integrity and trust. When both parties of the relationship trust each other, the results are mutually profi...

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